Fischer Fixings


As one of the largest Fischer Fixings stockists in the Uk we stock a vast range of thier products and have the the technical knowledge and expertise to back it up.

Fischer operates 47 subsidiaries in 35 countries worldwide. Fischer products are available in countries without a direct subsidiary through a network of importers.

The company manufactures mostly in Germany but it also operates manufacturing plants in Brazil, Argentina, China, Italy, America and The Czech Republic.

The company holds 2,043 patents and registered 13.83 patent applications per 1,000 employees in 2010 (national average: 0.55) which is amongst the highest in Germany.

The majority of the company’s turnover comes from the fixings industry. Over 15.5m fischer plugs and anchors are sold worldwide every day.

for details on the product range please click here. if you would like to discuss your requirements, please contact our sales team.



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