fischer operates 47 subsidiaries in 35 countries worldwide. Fischer products are available in countries without a direct subsidiary through a network of importers.

The company manufactures mostly in Germany but it also operates manufacturing plants in Brazil, Argentina, China, Italy, America and The Czech Republic.

The company holds 2,043 patents and registered 13.83 patent applications per 1,000 employees in 2010 (national average: 0.55) which is amongst the highest in Germany.

The majority of the company’s turnover comes from the fixings industry. Over 15.5m fischer plugs and anchors are sold worldwide every day.

PFERD is leading in the development, production and support, as well as in the distribution, of tool solutions for work on surfaces and material cutting.

In keeping with a tradition that dates back more than 200 years, PFERD operates as an independent, internationally oriented, family-owned company geared towards the long term.

PFERD tools offer the user maximum benefit and optimum cost-effectiveness. Its unlimited commitment to premium quality, its reliability as a supplier and its responsible use of resources all make PFERD a dependable and reliable trading partner that operates with sustainability in mind.

Rawlplug Ltd. is a part of the Rawlplug Group, being a globally present manufacturer of fixing solutions and tools.

Rawlplug is actually responsible for the invention of the first wall plug and the first mechanical anchor to ever have been used. Our contemporary portfolio accounts for more than 30,000 products used in the vast area of construction, starting from roofwork, timber structures and gardening, including joinery, gates and fencing, facades, process installations, roads and bridges, steel, concrete and civil engineering structures, down to interior finishing and tools.

Kee Safety is a market leading provider of fall protection systems, guardrails and working at height safety equipment. Established in the UK in 1934, the range has expanded from the original Kee Klamp® products into a portfolio of safety equipment, all designed to separate people from hazards.

Kee Safety products are available in the UK through a well established network of distributors and fall protection partners spread across the country.

  • FALL PROTECTION: Collective and Personal Fall Protection systems – roof edge guardrail and skylight protection, horizontal life line and portable anchor products
  • SAFE ACCESS SOLUTIONS: Roof Top Walkways, Self Closing Safety Gates, Bespoke Access Platforms and Roof Top Step Overs, and Industrial Roof Access Systems
  • TUBULAR FITTINGS: Kee Klamp®, Kee Lite® & Kee Access® tubular fittings
  • STEELWORK FIXINGS: BeamClamp® & BoxBolt® steel to steel connection products

T.I.Midwood & Co Limited (TIMco) is one of the UK’s largest and most experienced importers and wholesalers of screws, fixings, fasteners, nails and power tool accessories.
Distribution: Whether your company is operating in the UK or Europe, we can deliver goods to your premises within 24 hours in the UK, and 48 hours in Europe. Our delivery network is fully integrated and our transportation will deliver the right product at the right time.
Customer Care: We treat every customer as an individual and we respect and understand the culture of each of our customers’ businesses. Customer care is extremely important to us and our highly trained and motivated staff ensure that we are completely in tune with our customers’ needs and requirements.

We are passionate about customer care. We have a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience to ensure we provide service excellence to exceed your expectations. We are very much a people business, while at the same time we have made significant investment to ensure that we are at the cutting edge of technology. Our new computer system is customer focused, which means that behind the scenes you are totally supported by a robust, state of the art, professional back office operation providing maximum effectiveness.

The Interclamp brand of tube clamps is manufactured and distributed globally by Grainger Tubolt Limited, a Welsh-registered company with Head Office based in Pembroke Dock, United Kingdom, and its subsidiary company, Interclamp Pty Ltd, based in Campbellfield (Melbourne) and Malaga (Perth), Australia. The Group is controlled by the fifth generation of the Grainger family to be directly involved in the manufacture, sales and distribution of iron pipe fittings, so it can draw on continuous experience in malleable iron casting and galvanising which would be hard to match globally. In 1981, the family’s firm started the distribution of tube clamp products at a time when many international markets for this type of product were largely undeveloped or non-existent. The family business was a true pioneer in galvanised pipe clamps, opening up new innovative markets and launching its own Interclamp brand in 2002.

Interclamp’s aim is to satisfy its customers with its proven combination of high quality product, competitive prices and industry-leading levels of customer service.

The MASONMATE® fixings range is designed to be the answer to all your fixings needs.

The range encompasses all forms of fixings and anchors used in construction, building and DIY:
• Heavy Duty Steel Fixings & Anchors
• Nylon Fixings
• Chemical Resins
• Cavity Fixings
• Masonry Nails
MASONMATE® is part of a family of fixing & fastener brands with TIMBERMATE® and METALMATE®.

The TIMBERMATE® range of screws and fasteners for fixing timber, including:
• Twin or Single Thread Woodscrews
• Dry Wall Screws – Boxed & Collated
• Brass Screws
• Nails
• Cup Square Hex ‘carriage’ Bolts
• Coach Screws
The METALMATE® range of fasteners for fixing steel and other metal fixtures, including over 13,000 lines such as:

• DIN931/933 High Tensile Sets & Bolts – 8.8/10.9
• Nuts and Washers – metric/imperial
• Socket Screws – 12.9
• Allthread – Studding
• Roofing Bolts & Square Nuts
• Machine Screws
• Self Tapping Screws

JCP are the specialist fixing division of the Hexstone Group, dedicated to providing customers with a quality range of anchoring products for the construction industry.

Our commitment to stock means product is available, competitively priced for next day delivery throughout the U.K.

For more than 80 years, Lindapter has earned a respected reputation as the inventor and pioneer of steelwork clamping systems, providing an independently approved and exclusive product range of steelwork fixings, cavity fixings, decking fixings, support fixings and floor fixings.

Whether joining primary structural sections, securing secondary beams or suspending building services, Lindapter has a proven, accredited steelwork fixing connection.

The Lindapter brand embodies a unique concept creating fundamental advantages over traditional welding or drilling, including the significant reduction in installation time and associated labour costs, on-site adjustability and the preservation of steelwork integrity and protective coatings.

Experienced engineers offer an unrivalled support service, including free design and bespoke new product development. Lindapter solutions are utilised in multiple markets such as plant engineering, petro-chemical, offshore, materials handling and structural & civil engineering.

Lindapter has manufactured to the highest standard for three quarters of a century, earning a multitude of independent approvals and a reputation synonymous with safety and reliability. Current accreditations awarded by international associations include Lloyds Register, TÜV NORD, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik and Det Norske Veritas.

We offer a wide range of solid drilling tools under the Dormer brand with substrates, lengths and styles to suit almost every rotary hole-making application:

  • Lengths: options to suit drilling depths up to 20xD, ranging from stub (short), jobber (standard), long series and extra length.        
  • Material: High Speed Steel (HSS), High Speed Cobalt (M35/M42) and Solid Carbide (HM)
  • Geometries: a number of different geometries are available to account for the cutting behaviour of the workpiece. This covers a range of capabilities and uses, from general purpose to high performance drills and, also, from drills suitable for use in multiple materials to drills designed for specific materials or applications, including micro drills and deep hole drills.   

Our solid drilling range is split into two main areas, defined by the substrate of the drill:

  • HSS & HSS-E Drills & Solid Carbide Drills

Established in 1911, Unbrako is the world leader in advancing the technology of bolted joints and meeting the needs of industry for stronger and better performing fasteners. Unbrako products have higher tensile strength, improved fatigue resistance and extended life cycle.

The famous Unbrako socket head cap screw and the self-locking Durlok fasteners are the solutions of choice for engineering applications across the globe, and hold together the Melbourne AAMI Park, Heathrow T5, Delhi Metro, to name a few.